Saturday, November 9, 2013

Essential Oil Blends for Headaches


Using EO's for Headaches

    I have a two blends that I had written down for headaches and so that I won't lose them I am putting them in here. I have tried each of these and loved the results. It seems like headaches can be put into 4 different categories and I have a blend for each of them now :) 

Tension Headaches-
15 drops Serenity Oil
15 drops Balance Oil
5 drops Peppermint Oil
carrier oil to fill bottle

     Add to a 5 ml bottle, apply to forehead, back of the neck, or behind the ears. 

Sinus Headaches- 
10 drops Eucalyptus Oil
8 drops White Fir Oil
8 drops Lavender Oil
4 drops Peppermint Oil
 carrier oil to fill bottle

Mix all in a 5 ml bottle. Apply to forehead and behind ears. 

For Migraine Headaches I highly recommend doTerra's PastTense blend. 

For Cluster Headaches I would use their PastTense blend along with their DeepBlue blend. The DeepBlue I would dilute with a carrier oil before using. 

My friend Karen gave me permission to put her headache blend on here, it is amazing for hormonal tension headaches.

Karen's Headache Blend- 
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Lavender 
carrier oil 
      Put your oils in a 5 ml roller bottle, fill the rest of the way with your carrier oil. Apply on your temple and behind the ears. 

      Before I started using doTerra oils on my family if someone had a headache the only thing I could do was hand them some Advil a warm or cold pack and tell them to go rest in their room where it was quiet. Not a lot of relief in that for my son who suffers from fairly severe migraines, where if things aren't caught early we have ended in the Dr's office many times.  He has been on prescriptions to try and keep them under control and also has stronger prescription for when they are past Advil helping.  
      Now the preventive one made him tired, ALL THE TIME. And irritable. Tired, and irritable teenage boys are no fun let me tell ya.  It was frustrating, very frustrating. 
      Since I have been using doTerra oils on him he no longer takes EITHER of those prescriptions,  in fact I can't even remember the last time I handed him Advil. It's been weeks!  And I haven't even been trying to treat his headaches, I have been trying to lower his stress and anxiety and keep his blood sugar more regulated. Which has been working!!!   How do I know this? No headaches! Yay!  This makes me very happy. And it has been so simple!  
        Each of the kiddos has a linen spray that I made up for them using EO's and distilled water, his has doTerra's Serenity oil, Lavender oil, and Melalueca oil.  This gets sprayed on his bedding and throughout his room, and I diffuse Lemon oil in a blend every morning. This is to help with his anxiety.  I put Cinnamon oil in his breakfast, either in a protein smoothie or in some oatmeal.  To help keep his blood sugar regulated. 
It's working great, and I love it :) 

   It seems like headaches stem from other problems, a side effect of something else. So  when someone in my family gets a headache it's easy for me to know what oil/s to give them because I know them, I know that my daughter's headaches usually stem from stress. That my son's migraine is from tension,  anxiety and usually low blood sugar. Another daughter generally only get headaches when she is suffering from allergy issues and her sinuses are acting up. So if I treat the symptoms first the headache usually goes away.  

      When I first got the chance to try out one of doTerra's oils that I hadn't used before, PastTense, I was immediately in love with it.  One of the girls came home with a headache, so I rubbed a drop of PastTense across her forehead under her hairline, and behind each ear. I told her to put her school stuff away and wash her hands then if her head still hurt we would get her some Advil. Five minutes later no sign of her so I went looking, she was sitting at her desk doing homework. When I asked how her head felt she said- It feels good! It doesn't hurt anymore!
      I have since then used it on myself and love how quickly it works! Needless to say I had to order a bottle for myself and was very excited to get it. No more trips to the Dr. office for migraines for us  :) 

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