Sunday, November 17, 2013

Homemade Chest Cold Rub

Did you know the leading chest rub for colds on the market contains petroleum and turpentine oil?? Yuck! 
Petroleum in products can clog the pores and creating a build-up of toxins. They have also been implicated in causing cancer and disrupting hormones. Turpentine is a paint stripper, need I say more....
So, why not make your own cold vaporizing chest rub using organic, natural ingredients? It’s cheaper and your family will be safe and toxin-free.
This is what you need:
1/4c. Coconut Oil (make sure you choose a quality oil that is raw, organic and virgin.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Or you could use doTerra's blend- Breathe-for all 50 drops
* Use good quality essential oils like doTerra to get the best benefits.
This is how you do it:
* Melt your coconut oil by placing the jar in a bowl of hot water
* Pour the coconut oil into a glass jar or container. 
* Add 20 drops of eucalyptus oil, 20 drops of peppermint oil and 10 drops of lemon oil or use the 50 drops of Breathe oil.
* Shake well
* Let it re-solidify for easier use (pop it in the fridge in summer time)

    Just a quick shout out to one of my favorite oils- Melalueca you are amazing :) Two days ago my 9 year olds big toe had a spot next to the nail that was badly swollen. We weren't sure if it was an ingrown toenail, or something fungal, when I tried to touch anywhere near the swollen area she erupted into shrieks and tears because of the pain.  Since it was the day before Thanksgiving and the kids Dr was not in I called to schedule an app. for next week, it seemed serious enough that we figured they would need to do something about it. In the meantime I thought I would put a drop of Melalueca on it to see if it would help, so on Wed. I applied a drop on her toe 4 times throughout the day. Then on Thursday I applied it once in the morning. This morning when I looked at the swelling is gone and she has NO pain at all! I'm not really sure what was going on with it and am going to apply it 2 times a day for the next couple days to make sure it doesn't come back. So I called and canceled the Dr app. saving her a trip there and probably a lot of pain from their poking and prodding. And who knows if they would have had any ideas as to what it was either! 
     So I am adding this experience to my list of things to be Grateful for this week, and alls well that ends well! 

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