Monday, August 24, 2009

Language of Flowers

I have always liked the idea of different flowers having different meaning, so a long time ago I looked it up to see what I could find, here's my list-

Angelica- Inspiration
Apple- Temptaion
Balm- Sympathy
Sweet Basil- Good Wishes
Bay leaves- unchanging affection
Bay Tree- glory
Belladonna- silence
Betony- surprise
Birch- meekness
Bluebell- Constancy
Borage- bluntness
Buttercup- promises of richness
Carnation- pure love
cedar- strong
Chamomile- energy in adversity
Chervil- sincerity
Chickweed- rendezvous
Clover- happiness
Coltsfoot- justice
Columbine- folly
Crocus- youthful gladness
Daffodil- regret
Daisy- innocence
Dandelion- oracle
Forget-me-not- true love
Foxglove- insincerity
Geranium- comfort
Hawthorn- hope
Heartsease- tender thoughts
Honeysuckle- fidelity
Ivy- wedded love
Jasmine- amiability
Juniper- protection
Lavender- acknowledgment of love
Lilac- fast emotions of love
Lily, white- purity
Calendula- sunny disposition
Mint- virtue
Motherwort- concealed love
Mugwort- happiness
Myrtle- love
Olive- peace
Orange Blossoms- chastity
Pennyroyal- flee
Peppermint- warmth
Rosemary- remembrance
Rose, full bloom- secrecy
Rose, white- purity
Rose, pink- love
Rose, red- passion
Rue- herb of grace
Snowdrop- hope
Strawberry- perfection
Tansy- war
Vervain- enchantment
Violet- faithfulness
Weeping Willow- forsaken
Yarrow- war & healing

There you go, now you can send someone a message with a bouquet of flowers &/or herbs.


  1. Love it! I am very much into alternative medicine. There is no reason to take drugs when God has given us so many perfect remedies.

    Nice blog!

  2. This is all very interesting to me. I'm glad I came here from your One Step At a Time Blog. I also love that you have multiple blogs. Now I won't feel so bad about my three!

  3. This is very interesting to me too. I love healing from nature.

  4. Great post, I will keep this list handy. I am a firm believer in using herbs to cure many things, both physical and mental. I really like your blog- thanks for the insight. I found you via stirring the pot.

  5. Thank you for the sweet comments :)

  6. Thanks for this list of the language of flowers.
    Hey, I have two blogs; do you have 3?
    Glad to meet you.