Friday, December 11, 2009

Herbal Salve

2 oz dried herb, roughly ground
1/3c. oil
1 oz melted bees wax

Heat the oil till almost too hot to touch, pour over the herb, let set till starts to cool, stir in the melted beeswax. Pour into the desired contatiner. Store in the fridge for up to 1 year.

Good oils for this-
Sweet Almond- keep in mind nut allergies

Good herbs for salves-

burns- Chickweed, Hyssop, Lavender
bug or bee bites-Calendula, Echinacea. Lavender
cold sores- Hyssop,
sores- Lavender

This is a great site I found with some info on herbs- Annies Remedy


  1. Interesting . . . have you ever used Hyssop for Cold Sores? Do you think I can get Hyssop at my local heath food store? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for giving that type information.That information is so helpful to us.Will be visit again on your website.